CHWs (82) Crisis in Anglophone Cameroon - Role of CHWs in preventing and managing gender-based violence (2)

1 March, 2020

Dear Chia,

You asked: "The crisis in Anglophone Cameroon is causing a lot of violence amongst women and girls. What can be the role of community health workers in fighting against gender based violence."

Thank you for your message and we are in solidarity with you and others working in crisis situations on the front lines of health care. Would you like to say a bit more about the situation and about the health services that are currently available? Are there health workers or social workers who are trained in managing gender-based violence (GBV)?

Specifically on the role of CHWs in GBV, we have had two recent messages on HIFA about this, which may be helpful:

Dan Irvine, USA:

Rebecca Furth, USA:

I suspect contextual factors are even more important in defining the role of CHWs in GBV as compared with their role in physical illness - especially in crisis and conflict situations. But I am not an expert and hope that other HIFA members may be able to guide you.

Best wishes, Neil

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