CHWs (84) Crisis in Anglophone Cameroon - Role of CHWs in preventing and managing gender-based violence (4)

3 March, 2020

Dear Neil,

I use this opportunity to thank Chia Bernard for raising a real problem in the North and South West our Country Cameroon.

I happen to be one of the consultants that trained CHWs in North West and South West in December 2019 and January 2020.

We also trained doctors and Nurses from the same community of Clinical Management of Rape and at District level, we trained on facilitative supervision.

The CHWs were trained on GBV and community dialogue and given kits for the abused GBV victims/survivors

I know other NGOs that also train CHWs on GBV.

There's a problem on the field. How do we get into those community for supervision.

For the CHWs to come to Bamenda or Buea for the training was a lot of negotiations on the road as the roads to most of these villages are under control.

They are willing to help and serve their community,

We are also learned from them that, before a rape is brought to the clinic and health centers the community is aware and sometimes come to get information on how the case was managed, this makes the survivor not willing to seek help except is severe.

Thanks and Bye for now


When is severe, it needs to be referred

HIFA profile: Francoise Foute Ngnedjou Nwabufo is a Midwife/Public Health at the Institut European de Cooperation et de Developpement (IECD) in Cameroon. Professional interests: Maternal and child health, Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, Sickle cell disease, and Health Promotion. nwabufofrancoise AT