Community Health Impact Coalition: Community Health Research Round-Up

21 October, 2020

From the Community Health Impact Coalition.


The Community Health Impact Coalition curates a fortnightly update on newly-released community health worker papers.

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Each update has about 10 papers. Here is an example from the current update:

'Know-Can' gap: gap between knowledge and skills related to childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia among frontline workers in rural Uttar Pradesh, India

'Comments: This article assesses the gap b/w knowledge and skills among India's ASHAs and private rural medical practitioners (RMPs).

Methods: x-sectional; surveyed 473 ASHAs and 447 RMPs in six districts of Uttar Pradesh

Takeaway: There was a significant 'know-can' gap regarding assessment of childhood diarrhoea with dehydration and pneumonia among frontline health workers (FLWs). The results suggest that knowledge-focused trainings are insufficient for FLWs to convert knowledge into appropriate assessment skills; a superior approach would be more hands-on training with ongoing refresher trainings to enhance practical skills.'

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