Coronavirus (1001) WHO definition of infodemic (3)

28 September, 2020

Thanks for sharing, Neil.

I agree with Joseph Ana here, in the sense that this definition seems a bit less confusing than the very original definition. It's important to go together towards the same direction to avoid wasting energies.

It is crucial to understand that social media are not the only possible vehicle of transmission of mis- and dis-information: that's why we need to open the doors to other players, including traditional media sources and governments.

With my team, we are currently focusing only on a specific side of the problem, ie social media platforms, where we are continuously monitoring Twitter and assessing the infodemic risk of each country over time, in almost real time, in collaboration with the WHO and with the help of Twitter.

We are open to collaborate to extend this quantitative framework to other social media platforms (eg, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube) and other media sources.

Manlio De Domenico

HIFA profile: Manlio De Domenico is Head of Research at Lab Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy. Professional interests: Complex systems, Infodemiology and epidemiology. Computational approaches to public health. manlio.dedomenico AT