Coronavirus (1006) Call for applications: WHO infodemic management training (deadline 18 October)

1 October, 2020

(Forwarded from our colleagues at WHO)

Dear colleagues,

I would ask for your help disseminating this invitation to the first WHO training on infodemic management. It is geared towards freelance consultants and national/international civil servants with experience responding to the infodemic and health misinformation, from a variety of working areas (epidemiology, risk communication and community engagement, health service delivery/health care workers, digital health, policy-makers (in health and intersectoral), international policy).

Deadline for application is 18 October 2020. See the link and call details below.

Thank you very much!

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Tina D. Purnat

Temporarily also supporting the WHO COVID-19 infodemic response pillar, see

Technical Officer, Digital Health Technologies, Department of Digital Health & Innovation

Science Division | World Health Organization | Avenue Appia 20, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

More at:

Call for applicants for first WHO training in infodemic management

Online training over 4 weeks during 3-27 November 2020

Deadline for submission: 18 October 2020 at 18:00 Geneva Switzerland time


WHO is developing activities to support the country pandemic preparedness and to mitigate the current COVID-19 pandemic which is accompanied by an infodemic. There is an urgent need to address the infodemic accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic, as most countries are battling both. As the world seeks to accelerate the development of medical countermeasures including treatments and safe, effective vaccines, as well as introduced public health measures, misinformation about both has been spreading and growing.

In order to successfully address and mitigate the current infodemic and promote more effective future response, conference participants of the WHO first infodemiology conference recently contributed to a draft public health research agenda that cuts across many fields of specialization. From physics to law to behavioral science to epidemiology to user experience and design—it is clear that an infodemic manager would need a wider array of skills and expertise to successfully address infodemics that go beyond traditional boundaries of epidemiology, risk communication and community engagement and digital media.

WHO and partners invite applications from experienced professionals from the fields of epidemiology, risk communication, health service delivery/health care workers, digital health, policy making (in health and intersectoral), who are responding to the current COVID-19 and overlapping infodemics at country level.


Objectives of the training:

· Build a curriculum and apply it in delivering a training of the first cohort of cross-disciplinary infodemic managers that can be deployed to the field for infodemic response

· Build up the skills of health authority staff in infodemic management

· Offer opportunity for UN staff to learn about infodemic management

· Become the basis for creating future infodemic training facility training modules

Applications are open to freelance consultants, national health authority staff and United Nations staff who meet the selection criteria to constitute the first cohort of trained infodemic managers that support response in countries [...]


Forwarded by Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA moderator