Coronavirus (1012) COVID-19 Digital Classroom: Home-based care and Community-based Surveillance Courses available!

5 October, 2020

Dear colleagues

The COVID-19 Digital Classroom <> is a global initiative to provide high-quality, medically reviewed, multimedia content and training courses for community-based health workers and local communities globally.

We are happy to announce the launch of our courses on:

- Home-based Care and Isolation for COVID-19

- Community-based Surveillance for COVID-19

Course 5: Home-based Care and Isolation for COVID-19

The goal of this course is to provide community-based health workers with guidance on how to advise community members on home-based care for COVID-19.

The course will cover how to determine eligibility criteria for home-based care and isolation. We will also cover how to support people with COVID-19 in their homes if they meet these criteria, including virtual support and support from their caregivers.

Enroll here:

Course 6: Community-based Surveillance for COVID-19

The goal of this course is to provide community-based health workers with a comprehensive understanding of community-based surveillance and their role in it.

This course will walk you through the community-based surveillance workflow, including your responsibilities as a community-based health worker in supporting the data collection and dissemination of information during this pandemic.

Enroll here:

Visit the COVID-19 Digital Classroom website for more information on our COVID-19 Library, animations, and courses:<>



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