Coronavirus (1017) Call for papers on Infodemic

8 October, 2020

Forwarded from The Pan American Journal of Public Health


Digital Transformation à Call for papers for an upcoming special issue on infodemiology to be published in 2021

On behalf of the Department of Evidence and Intelligence for Action in Health (EIH), The Pan American Journal of Public Health, along with other four scientific journals within a global initiative launched by the World Health Organization, announces a call for papers for an upcoming special issue on infodemiology to be published in 2021.

The global community is facing a major challenge as a highly infectious virus is spreading globally. At the same time, a deluge of information, including misleading or false content is spreading even faster through the internet, social networks and the media, dangerously altering risk perceptions and disseminating false information about the disease, potential cures, and probable sources. This abundance of information includes misinformation, disinformation and rumors, which may lead to confusion, disorientation and risky or improper behavior, and ultimately to mistrust in governments, experts, researchers, and the media. These outcomes may seriously endanger the effectiveness of the response and of public health measures. There is an increasing awareness that the surge of excessive, false or misleading information may pose new and serious threats to global health that should be adequately tackled through major research efforts and carefully targeted, evidence-based policy interventions.

Due to its consequences at the global scale and its analogies with the transmission mechanisms of a pandemic, the term “infodemic” is used to denote a rapid, large-scale dissemination of all kinds of health information and misinformation through a variety of media and informational channels. The COVID-19-related infodemic must be regarded as a global threat, and there is an increasing awareness that a whole new field of research is needed to cope with it and with future similar threats, a field that requires a novel, complex synthesis of specialist knowledge from many different existing disciplines, and that can be termed “infodemiology”.

Deadline: October 30, 2020

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