Coronavirus (1020) Policymakers and health misinformation (33)

9 October, 2020

Extract from AP news item. Full text here:


MISSION, Kan. (AP) — Treating the sick and dying isn’t even the toughest part for nurse Amelia Montgomery as the coronavirus surges in her corner of red America.

It’s dealing with patients and relatives who don’t believe the virus is real, refuse to wear masks and demand treatments like hydroxychloroquine, which President Donald Trump has championed even though experts say it is not effective against the scourge that has killed over 210,000 in the U.S.

Montgomery finds herself, like so many other doctors and nurses, in a world where the politics of the crisis are complicating treatment efforts, with some people even resisting getting tested...


A linked testimony from a nurse on the frontline:

We watch as this virus kills you despite every fight against death... We take care of patients who have not social-distanced because they didn’t believe the virus was real. Some of these patients curse us and fight us at every attempt to save their lives... We take care of them with the same intensity as we take care of the patients who are immunocompromised and tried not to get sick, but did anyway.

We watch the ignorant opinions that are spouted on TV or social platforms that are just as harmful as the virus itself... If you have any respect for your friends, family, at risk populations, or anyone else in society, I implore you to take this virus, and precautions for it, seriously.

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