Coronavirus (1027) EPI-WIN webinar: Good participatory practices for COVID-19 research and response

10 October, 2020

Good participatory practices for COVID-19 research and response

Date: Tuesday 13 October, 2020

Time: 14.00-15.30 CET (Geneva), 8:00-09:30 Washington, 17:30-19:00 Delhi

This webinar will highlight approaches to good participatory practices for COVID-19 research and response, providing practical examples of how these methods work to engage and empower communities through their involvement.


Noni Mumba, Lead of Community Engagement platform at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) – Good Participatory Practices – Engagement Tips

Alun Davies, Social Scientist focusing on evaluation of Community and Public Engagement with Health Research and Founder of the KEMRI-Wellcome Schools Engagement Programme in Kenya – Good Participatory Practices – Engagement Tools

Population participation is at the heart of all successful research initiatives. Engaging and involving affected populations in key aspects of research design demonstrates core values of respect, fairness, integrity, transparency, accountability, responsiveness, and autonomy and can enhance trust. Through practical examples and sharing tips and tools, Noni and Alun will offer an insight into good participatory practices for biomedical research.

Way Jia Tam, PhD, Founder and CEO of Kitesong Global, Deputy Lead of Global health and Community Service at National University of Singapore – Setting your Kitesong free: a creative approach to RCCE in an outbreak

Singapore’s recent outbreaks of COVID-19, where more than 53,000 diagnoses were made in a total of over 300,000 migrant workers, proved tremendously challenging in the area of RCCE. Join Wai Jia as she shares a glimpse of an innovative multi-modal approach to community engagement during the migrant worker outbreak in Singapore. Harnessing the power of art and storytelling, she illustrates how a creative, participatory approach can catalyze agency, fuel resilience and inspire positive change in empowered communities.

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