Coronavirus (1061) Impact of Covid-19 on Himalayan region

1 November, 2020

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Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc globally including other countries of the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region, and South Asia. All the countries are facing long time worst crisis of the present century. Authorities counting in vain inestimable loss that affected health, lives and livelihoods, economy, employment/ job market, environment, food security, nutrition and other life-saving sectors. Evidence shows that it is very hard to cover those unpredictable losses.

Meanwhile, food and nutritional insecurity remains a serious challenge in the HKH region. More than 30 per cent of the population suffers from food insecurity and around 50 per cent face some form of malnutrition, with women and children particularly vulnerable...

I have mentioned in my story details that has been published today titled:

Covid-19 and inestimable loss of Himalayan region

PARVEZ BABUL, The Daily Observer, November 01, 2020

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Parvez Babul

Jourmalsit, poet and author

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

HIFA profile: Parvez Babul is a health journalist in Bangladesh and write articles on health, nutrition, gender, women's empowerment, climate change and development issues in national international newspapers. His book: Women's Empowerment, Food Security and Climate Change has been published in February this year. He is the Convener of Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum. He has been working to improve health and nutrition situation of the women and children in Bangladesh through working with an international voluntary organization. Parvez Babul welcomes email from the members of HIFA at:,