Coronavirus (1114) BBC: Africa infections rising sharply in worst-affected countries

18 January, 2021

Below are extracts from a BBC news item. Full text here:


With some countries across Africa continuing to see increases in Covid-19 cases, there's concern about a new variant of coronavirus in South Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on African nations to boost their surveillance of the virus to detect any mutations that may occur.

What is happening in South Africa?

Daily new case numbers have now passed the peak of mid-July, and are still rising...

There's concern that infections are being driven in part by a new strain known as 501.V2...

The South Africa variant has so far been reported in two other African countries - Botswana and Zambia - according to the Africa Centers for Disease Control (CDC)...

What is happening elsewhere in Africa?

The WHO says cases in its Africa region have been increasing since the middle of September.

It adds that "steeper increases have been observed since late November. "...

The head of the Nigeria CDC, Chikwe Ihekweazu, says the country is reaching "a critical level" at which its hospital capacity will no longer be able to cope with the more serious cases.


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