Coronavirus (1245) ‘Cannon fodder’: Medical students in India feel betrayed

27 April, 2021

Extracts below from an Associated Press new item, and a comment from me. Full text:


NEW DELHI (AP) — Since the beginning of the week, Dr. Siddharth Tara, a postgraduate medical student at New Delhi’s government-run Hindu Rao Hospital, has had a fever and persistent headache. He took a COVID-19 test, but the results have been delayed as the country’s health system implodes. His hospital, overburdened and understaffed, wants him to keep working until the testing laboratory confirms he has COVID-19...

“I am not able to breathe. In fact, I’m more symptomatic than my patients. So how can they make me work?” asked Tara...

“Our primary responsibility is towards patients, not staff,” the dean [of Hindu Rao Hospital] said.


Comment: Some of us on HIFA have argued for a dual focus on health-worker-and-patient-centred care rather than the prevailing focus on 'patient-centred care' alone. This is an example of why health-worker-centred care always needs to be considered alongside patient-centred care. Failing to meet the basic needs of health workers will inevitably lead to failure of health care generally.

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,