Coronavirus (1253) Mumbai mayhem of COVID-19 pandemic reveals important factors that influence susceptibility to infection (2)

30 April, 2021

Re: A study on the factors influencing susceptibility to SARS-CoV2 infection.

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COVID-19 severity is disproportionately high in the elderly and people with comorbidities. However, other factors that predispose individuals to increased chances of infection are unclear.


Our research indicates that the risk of getting COVID-19 disease is not equal. When considering sex, age, and comorbidity together, we found that males aged ≥60 years and having both diabetes and hypertension had a significantly high risk of COVID-19 infection. Therefore, remedial measures such as vaccination programs should be prioritized for at-risk individuals.

Specific extracts-

Understanding the most vulnerable populations should be the guiding principle of all decisions taken during pandemic management.

Effective vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 is the best strategy to stop the pandemic at its tracks.

Age, sex, and comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, and chronic renal failure have significant fallout on the prevalence of the disease in specific populations

In a country as large and diverse as India, prior knowledge is essential for targeting prevention programs like vaccination, screening for infection in case of a local upsurge, and finally, drafting treatment procedures

Vaccination strategies should target the at-risk groups outlined above on priority to reduce mortality and to minimize the virus’s circulation in the population, and take steps towards herd immunity.

Discussion questions-

1) How are the factors influencing vaccine compliance in different geographical locations?

2) What are the current challenges of the healthcare system regarding a sustained increase in the number of positive cases?

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