Coronavirus (1256) African vaccine champion on lessons from ending wild polio (2) Misinformation

3 May, 2021

The success story on polio eradication underscores the importance of the availability of the right information, and the role that information can play in the lives of the people. As stated by Dr. Funsho above [*], polio lingered longer than usual in the country partly, or perhaps chiefly, as a result of misinformation, which led to the lack of trust and confidence in the vaccine. And this appears to be the case with CoViD-19 vaccine at the moment.

Apart from disseminating the right information at the right time to burst myths and create confidence, other critical factors needs to be considered. These factors may include: (1) the style of governance, (2) the manner in which the pandemic is being handled by the relevant authorities, (3) the availability, and, of course, accessibility of the vaccine itself, etc.

ORFEGA, Moses Kumaoron

HIFA profile: Moses Kumaoron Orfega is a Service Improvement Desk Officer at the National Health Insurance Scheme, Nigeria. Professional interests: Social Protection and Financing; Social Health Protection and Universal Health Coverage; Service Quality Improvement; Information Technology. He is a HIFA catalyst for the WHO/HIFA project on Learning for Quality Health Services. Email: ofegamoses AT

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