Coronavirus (1263) COVID crisis in India (2)

6 May, 2021

Hello Neil,

I am wondering, if India’s current COVID disaster has been addressed here. [*see note below]

Apart from the waiver of vaccine patents, that has been in high demand the main issue that is causing high mortality is lack of access to emergency health care. Even now, when plane loads of foreign aid has been delivered, it is waiting to be shipped to the afflicted states, and distributed to the hospitals that have run out of oxygen and other ER equipment to save lives.

Surprisingly, with more than a year to prepare, the lack of preparedness and apathetic attitude of the current government is reflected in immense suffering and high mortality.

Even the dead bodies are lined up waiting for their last rites! It is a human tragedy of immense proportions.


Shabina Hussain, MBBS, DPH, MPH

Global health policy advocate

WA State, USA

HIFA profile: Shabina Hussain is an independent global health consultant and is based in the USA. Professional interests: Maternal & Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive & Sexual Health, women's rights, survival of girl child, poverty eradication, Prevention of Infectious diseases. hussain.shabina AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Yes, but given the scale of the crisis we would welcome more sharing of experience, particularly from HIFA members working on the front lines of care. Also, what is your experience with regards to information (and misinformation) by government and media? And what is the impact on provision of non-COVID essential health services such as reproductive health/childbirth, child health, mental health, NCDs, surgery and emergency care?]