Coronavirus (1268) How can we encourage people to get vaccinated? (4)

11 May, 2021

How can we encourage people to get vaccinated? This is an important question for us in this forum and many donor organisations. The World Bank, WHO, Global Fund, etc should take this as a challenge. We need to start organising workshops, carry out sensitization. This can be the only way to fight against vaccine misinformation and vaccine hesitancy. We also need to target health workers,  community health workers, opinion leaders in the community, Chiefs, Quarter heads, church leaders. NGOs should initiate projects on this issue where donor organisations will support them. BARUDEV, a local NGO found in Boyo District of North Western Cameroon is already sensitizing communities to get vaccinated and also to do the covid test which is free. Doing the test will protect others and stop further transmission. We are also planning to organise seminars with health personnels, etc. Together we will win the war against covid19 pandemic.


Chia Benard Ful, Director


Boyo Division

North Western Cameroon


HIFA profile: Chiabi Bernard Ful is Director of Boyo Association for Rural Development (BARUDEV--Cameroon). This is a local NGO found in Boyo district of North Western Cameroon. Our activities are to empower women, protect the sexual and reproductive health for women and girls, and protect the rights of children. We have been training community health workers to follow up patients, pregnant women, sick children and refer them to the hospital. barudev AT