Coronavirus (1270) The Indian saga of Covid 19 Vaccination

14 May, 2021

The Indian saga of Covid 19 Vaccination

Dr K Suresh on

The Covid 19 Vaccine Saga

A review by Augustine Veliath

Two things matter about this article. It is exhaustive. It inspires.

When it comes to the author, the title of the study itself is autobiographical. The life Dr K. Suresh, the author, himself has been an Indian saga of vaccination. He has worked at the field level, at the State (provincial government) level and at the national and international levels on vaccination.

What I attempt here is Soar Analysis of India’s Covid 19 vaccination program inspired by but not limited to the issues raised in this monumental article.

For those who are not familiar with SOAR analysis, it is a more evolved and appreciative form SWOT analysis, We do speak about strengths and opportunities. Instead of weaknesses and threats we speak about aspirations and results.


(1) India has the know-how, the past experience, the resources to vaccinate all its population. “Vaccination is public good.” Says Dr Suresh

(2) India has a vast reservoir of human resources which can be marshalled into such an operation.

(3) India has thrice before proved its mission prowess through the National Mission on Immunization, through the Universal Immunization program and through its very succesful polio eradication program.


(1) India being the pharmacy of the world and with already twp vaccine under its belt, now should work on vaccine sufficiency.

(2) Revive India’s fabled SMnet or the Social Mobilization Network, this time around Asha and the locally elected people’s representatives. Every gram panchayat should have a health behaviour quotient.

(3) Take vaccine hesitancy head on through people to people and pupil to people communication strategy which uses the full power of the ubiquitous mobile power. Remember the University Talk Aids. Remember the Children’s Science Congress. Now we have social media and the ubiquitous mobile.


(1) Reinvent electioneering. Keep people at home. Three is a crowd now takes a new meaning. All the more so in the light of WHO expressing serious concerns over the B.1.617 variant that slips through even the vaccine protection.

(2) Reinvent religions. Bring science back into people’s lives. Reinvent festivals, traditions and rituals.

(3) Marshall India’s enormous IT power. Let the geeks and the “gigsters” leave everything and work on apps and gadgets that will keep people at home.


(1) A fully vaccinated and Covid free India will be a greater legacy than the Central Vista, the temples and all the statues that we can build.

(2) A crowd free India, working from home will be happier and more prosperous

(3) Ensure perfect balance among three governments, Central, state and the local and between science and spirituality. We did this to great extent during the National Mission On Immunisation.

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