Coronavirus (1271) Indian doctors warn against cow dung as COVID cure (2)

14 May, 2021

How do we break through the barriers of certain cultural and religious practices that prevent some from taking the right approach and acting responsibly?

How do we build trust in the efficacy of the vaccines?

In some cases the concern is the availability and affordability of the vaccines.

We need evidence! We need information! And more information that will serve as a compelling reason for action.

ORFEGA, Moses Kumaoron

HIFA profile: Moses Kumaoron Orfega is a Service Improvement Desk Officer at the National Health Insurance Scheme, Nigeria. Professional interests: Social Protection and Financing; Social Health Protection and Universal Health Coverage; Service Quality Improvement; Information Technology. He is a HIFA catalyst for the WHO/HIFA project on Learning for Quality Health Services. Email: ofegamoses AT