Coronavirus (1293) David Werner, HealthWrights and vaccine hesitancy in the most remote mountain villages

5 June, 2021

Our thanks to HIFA member David Werner, originator of the iconic publication Where There is No Doctor, who continues to work indefatigably in the Sierra Madre, Mexico for health rights.

His organisation, HealthWrights, has just issued its Newsletter from the Sierra Madre #86 | May 2021. Introduction below. Read in full:

'In this newsletter, written in the time of Covid, we look at how the current pandemic affects the lives of poor people in the western state of Sinaloa, Mexico. We look at how “vaccination hesitancy” pervades even the most remote mountain villages. And we look at how improvised street theater and participatory roleplays based on observable evidence can help doubters sort reality from fiction and recognize the importance of getting vaccinated, not only for one’s own wellbeing, but for the collective wellness of all. The newsletter concludes with the proposition that if humanity is to overcome this pandemic and fend off far worse pandemics and global crises to come, we will need to radically transform our global economic model based on unbridled profit and greed of the few to a holistic approach based on sharing and caring, and on the well-being of all who live on our sacred but endangered planet. And we must do so soon, before we burn all our bridges to a livable and meaningful future.'

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,