Coronavirus (1310) Webinar recording now available: Evidence-based librarianship: Building the base as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic/infodemic (2)

24 June, 2021

Dear all

We were interested to see the Librarian Reserve Corps (Caroline du Brun posted) webinar on Evidence-Based Librarianship: Building the base as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic / infodemic. Our own IPCRG Questions and Answers service [ ] is using an evidence based librarian approach, with a librarian working in tandem with one of our group of experienced clinicians who takes the lead for each answer. We now have 18 answers posted, with a current focus on COVID-19 and respiratory disease.

These answers are designed to be concise and easily usable in a very short timeframe by frontline primary care clinicians. They address a global audience but reference developments in some countries guidelines where these contribute to the published evidence. Our Librarian researches the published evidence, guidelines and makes use of existing resources [ ], such as the COVID-END inventory of best evidence syntheses and the McMaster Plus COVID-19 Evidence Alerts, which help us both capture the latest evidence and optimise the service to be as low resource and efficient as possible.

We are looking for new practicing clinicians to join our Sentinel Network, who identify the questions to be answered. There is a short form [ ] available on the answers landing page if you or your colleagues would like to join the network.

An example of one of our latest answer is :

Are patients with COPD at a higher risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2 and are they also more likely to experience a more severe course of COVID-19 illness?

Thank you

Noel Baxter

HIFA profile: Noel Baxter is an Officer at IPCRG, UK. Professional interests: Respiratory; Primary care; Tobacco dependency.