Coronavirus (1324) Vaccine hesitancy (4) Vaccine misinformation in Nigeria

11 July, 2021

From the Nigeria Health Watch news website


How misinformation impacts COVID-19 vaccine uptake

“Nobody can convince me to take the COVID-19 vaccine. I don’t trust the government to give me anything that is free and good for me. Nothing is free in Nigeria. I know they want to insert a microchip in us so that they can control us”, Mary said.

“I would rather travel to Ghana or Dubai to take the vaccine than take it here in Nigeria. I trust the vaccine itself, but I don’t think the one they’re giving us here in Nigeria is real”, Babatunde said.

These are statements from Nigerians asked if they would take the COVID-19 vaccine. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the amount of misinformation about the vaccine online.


Comment (NPW): Again, vaccine hesitancy is associated with lack of trust in government. The implication is that some people, in some countries, do not believe public health messaging that is coming from government/ministry of health. I'll be interested to hear from HIFA members in Nigeria and worldwide about this issue. What are the underlying reasons for lack of trust? In what ways can social media contribute to, or mitigate, mistrust? In countries where there is a high level of mistrust, what can governments/ministries of health do better to channel their messaging? Or should there be more emphasis on other channels such as religious leaders and celebrities?

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,