Coronavirus (1326) Role of government in social media

13 July, 2021

This pandemic has shed a lot on how the system is working, what people are upto and what the governments are upto in handling this. Social media is one important platform to understand the people perspective and to reach people.

It is absolutely correct as Mr. Orfega pointed, government interest in harnessing the potential of social media.

India with 139 crore population, nearly 3 out of 5 persons using internet in urban areas. The reach to rural areas is increasing at a fast pace.

Today with this Power of social media and pandemic, many of the people are able to understand the terms virus, immunity, vaccine, infection and lot about the medical terminology very easily.

But at the same time a lot of rumours were easily spread. these rumours will effect mainly the behaviour and approach towards covid. This will hinder the efforts by government and as well as health organizations. In my point of view people education is more important and the government should potentially utilise and lead the use of social media for better people reach not only during pandemic/crisis situation but all the times. For all the issues like environment protection, health, social responsibility..

HIFA profile: Nagarjuna Daram is a Post Doctoral Researcher at IIT Roorkee, India. Professional interests: Health care outcomes; Infectious disease management; Antimicrobial therapy; Patient Education on metabolic disease management and health. nag.acbr AT