Coronavirus (1364) New WHO paper: Developing the first WHO public health research agenda for infodemics

21 September, 2021

With thanks to WHO's Information Network for Epidemics EPI-WIN


'WHO’s new paper describing the development of the first WHO public health research agenda for managing infodemics has now been published in the JMIR Journal of Infodemiology. This paper reports on the process and outcomes of the 1st Global Infodemic Management conference. This virtual conference was held in June and July 2020 with 110 participants from over 35 countries, and was followed by a structured asynchronous exercise held in the three months following the conference.

'The result of these significant efforts was the WHO public health research agenda for managing infodemics. The framework has five work streams and 16 sub-topics. From these, a comprehensive list of 65 research questions were developed to guide the research on this emerging discipline.

'The paper outlines the collaborative effort of academics and practitioners from across the globe, coming together at a time of great uncertainty, to develop new systems and approaches to strengthen the infodemic and pandemic response. The innovative process enabled diverse opinions and experience to be distilled to form a global agenda.

Read the paper here


From the abstract:

'Conclusions: Public health authorities need to develop, validate, implement, and adapt tools and interventions for managing infodemics in acute public health events in ways that are appropriate for their countries and contexts. Infodemiology provides a scientific foundation to make this possible. This research agenda proposes a structured framework for targeted investment for the scientific community, policy makers, implementing organizations, and other stakeholders to consider.'

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,