Coronavirus (1380) COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Africa – Reimagining the role of healthcare workers - October 28th 1.00 pm GMT

19 October, 2021

Please join us at the first part of our webinar series which will take place on Thursday, 28th October, 2021 at 1:00 pm (UTC/GMT) – 2:15 pm (UTC/GMT). The focus of this introductory session will be viewing the issues at hand through the lens of healthcare workers in both the public and private sector, including those within the NGO and not-for-profit space.

Accra – 1 pm, Lagos – 2 pm, Johannesburg – 3 pm, Addis Ababa – 4 pm, New York – 9 am

As at September 2021, 4% of Africa’s population has been fully vaccinated, compared with 54% of the US, about 67% of the UK or France. and over 86% in Portugal. Additionally, while most Western nations are expected to achieve widespread COVID-19 vaccine coverage by the end of 2021, studies estimate that Africa will achieve the same feat in 2023 or beyond, at best.

Low vaccination rates in Africa can be explained by a myriad of reasons – lack of a sustainable supply of vaccines, weak healthcare systems, funding limitations, lack of widespread availability of cold chain storage and distribution systems, and low political will. However, there is another big reason why vaccination rates are so low – vaccine hesitancy is high.

In light of the above, Anadach Group and RDAssociates Africa hereby invite you to participate in our three-part webinar series which will touch on several relevant topics including the prevalence of misinformation and disinformation around COVID-19 in Africa and how many myths originated from regions that have gone ahead to chase herd immunity against COVID-19 for its populations, as well as the role of healthcare workers, community leaders, religious leaders and the media in addressing and combating Vaccine Hesitancy.

Part 1 of this webinar series will take place on Thursday, 28th October, 2021 at 2 pm WAT.

Subsequent webinars will focus on other relevant key stakeholders and will be held on the 4th and 18th of November, 2021, also at 2 pm WAT.

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