Coronavirus (1381) Communicating risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccine (2)

19 October, 2021

Dear Neil

My thoughts exactly [

For weeks now I have been trying to convey this need to our local Ministry of Health without much acknowledgment or feedback.

Admittedly, this is a hard task --- to fashion the messaging, given the position of some members of our own health profession, being seen as influential yet anti-vaxx

Personal narratives from real people may be helpful as well as public Q&A sessions delivered in a non-combative, respectful, professional setting.

As with all things, history unfortunately tells us that the "Big Stick" ultimately trumps all - given human nature.

Sonia Roache (Dr)

Family Doctor

HIFA profile: Sonia V Roache-Barker is a Family Medical Practitioner at Good Health Medical Centre, Medcorp Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. She is Executive Director- Caribbean College of Family Physicians (CCFP) ; Associate Lecturer-Family Medicine Unit, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies (UWI) ;Medical Superintendent, Port Authority of Trinidad & Tobago(T&T) ; Member Essential National Health Research Council of Trinidad & Tobago ; Member Trinidad & Tobago Medical Association ; Member of panel of judges for the Annual PAHO Media health awards for Trinidad & Tobago. She innovated a Programme “Dial-a-Doctor” giving advice on health and wellness to the general public in T&T. She is one of the founders of a Wellness Company in T&T- Better Health Ltd ; She is committed to sharing messages of health, wellness, prevention, and medical professionalism. svrccfp AT She is a HIFA Country Representative