Coronavirus (1385) Risk perception in West Africa (2)

22 October, 2021

Thank you, Neil, for quoting our work. I’d like to add that this work was a result of the willingness of the West African Health Organization (WAHO) and Expertise France (EF) to get an assessment of people representations on COVID-19, as a basis to design an effective communication strategy and produce communication tools. For example, we discovered that a huge majority of people think that “wearing a mask is useful to protect against COVID-19” while few people actually wear a mask in settings such as public transportation. The point is that people don’t feel they are at risk, as Neil underlined it. Therefore, communications should not concentrate on the usefulness to wear a mask, but on the exposure to COVID-19: the disease is present in your country, elderly and people with comorbidities are at risk, people without any symptom can transmit the virus

WAHO, supported by EF, decided to base its communication strategy on people representations. Our results can be used in West Africa, yet this approach can be used worldwide.


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