Coronavirus (1387) Report: From worlds apart to a world prepared

26 October, 2021

(with thanks to Global Health Now)

'A report released today by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board castigates global leaders for the disastrous response to COVID-19 and prescribes immediate steps that need to be taken before the next pandemic hits.

'The global response to COVID-19’s first year was hobbled by a “collective failure” of preparedness; and the second revealed stark inequities and leaders’ failure to recognize the world’s interconnectedness, per the 9-page report.'

Read the executive summary:

The report notes that 'People must... seek, use and share accurate information to educate themselves, their families, and their communities... The international system and national governments... must develop ways to improve communication, including addressing misinformation... Integrate mechanisms in the health emergency system for sharing information with communities, fighting disinformation and building digital capacity...'

Perhaps most important, the final words: "No amount of resources can replace trust, cooperation, and the open exchange of information and knowledge. We know what to do, now we must do it - and do it together."

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,