Coronavirus (1390) Correction: WHO EPI-WIN: Gamifying engagement with COVID-19 initiatives (2)

4 November, 2021

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The study The Impact of Science Literacy Methods - What Works (2017-2020) [ ] examined over 40 different strategies and mechanisms for delivery of science and health information and, inter alia, good practice in impact assessment.

Working Papers, Bibliographies and Reviews can be found from

Gamification appears as the 22nd method within the table of results, alongside a significant number of reviews that were identified at the time, including Promoting Children's Health with Digital Games: A Review of Reviews [ ]. NIDA continues to add material identified to be useful and appropriate as they are made known to them; if you come across items please do forward relevant info/links to

A 3rd piece of research, an Impact Evaluation of eLearning in Science and Health literacy, is in the process of development, being coordinated by the University of Minho, Portugal in conjunction with King's College, London and the University of Calgary, Canada.

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HIFA profile: Carol Priestley was formerly Director of Network for Information and Digital Access (NIDA) and, previous to that, the founding director of the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP). She has an interest and commitment to access to relevant and timely health information for all. carol.priestley AT