Coronavirus (1391) WHO COVID-19 Global Literature Database – We need your feedback

6 November, 2021

Dear Friends,

As you may be aware, the WHO Library in Geneva has been collaborating with our partners in Global Health to provide access to the health literature related to the COVID-19 pandemic in a single database to facilitate and accelerate access to the research literature for the COVID-19 response.

Drawing on many resources, the database contains over 400,000 citations. To see the sources of citations and search strategies, please consult the following page

The database “WHO database of COVID-19 Global Literature on coronavirus disease”

Is accessible from this link.

By clicking on the tab “WE WISH YOUR OPINION” in the left upper corner will give you the opportunity to provide us feedback on your satisfaction with the database.

But for our colleagues you might be high end users of the WHO COVID-19 database, we are also asking for your feedback to improve the usability of the database.

Everyone completing the above survey will have a second opportunity to complete a usability questionnaire. Or you can participate directly with the usability questionnaire using the link below.

We really appreciate all your feedback. And we thank all our partners who support us in the efforts to respond the current pandemic. Thanks to all of you for your support.

It you have any questions or comments outside the above questionnaires, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the generic email of the WHO Library via

My very best to you,


WHO Library

HIFA profile: Tomas Allen is a librarian for the World Health Organization, Geneva. Professional interests: Public Health. tomas.allen.who AT