Coronavirus (183) 16 hr long nationwide self imposed isolation and general restriction of movement of people and goods

22 March, 2020

Dear all,

The Govt. of India imposed self-confinement for the whole of the India population for 16 hrs on 22nd March, throughout the country.

Can anybody please tell me what is scientific rational and or evidence that this could help to cut the chain of transmission? Self containment has to be for at least for 14 days i.e. twice the incubation period of the disease (here COVID infection) since the last probable time of exposure and contact. Here we are taking recourse to self containment for only one day. Has this 1-day self-containment been introduced in any other country?

Suppose a person goes for a self containment for a day: they will be still at risk of getting in contact with a subclinical case or a person within the following days, and there will be chances of spread of infection.


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[Note from HIFA co-moderator (Poorva, India): Our Prime Minister announced "Janta curfew" which is just like self-isolation, except the Janta curfew lasted for a few hours. Please refer to this for more information on specifics:

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