Coronavirus (188) 16 hr long nationwide self imposed isolation (2)

23 March, 2020

[*see note below]

Self isolation for one day doesn’t help in prevention of a pandemic. However, it may help in raising awareness of the issue and also as a preparedness exercise.

I have come across videos from India, of folks coming together in celebratory mood instead of physical distancing. It is understandable that in a country with huge population and majority of folks living in close contact, physical distancing is very difficult. However, what will make it worse is coming together of people in large numbers on streets and on religious places to celebrate or pray.

As observed from countries badly effected like China, Italy, Spain, Iran etc. COVID 19 is highly contagious. This requires a serious public health response from all of us. Which includes physical distancing, frequent hand washing and avoiding unnecessary exposure.

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Dr. Shabina Hussain, MBBS, DPH, MPH

Independent Global Health Consultant

Mountlake Terrace

WA 98043, USA

HIFA profile: Shabina Hussain is an independent global health consultant and is based in the USA. Professional interests: Maternal & Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive & Sexual Health, women's rights, survival of girl child, poverty eradication, Prevention of Infectious diseases. hussain.shabina AT

[*Note from HIFA co-moderator (NPW): As our co-moderator Poorva wrote yesterday: 'Our [India] Prime Minister announced "Janta curfew" which is just like self-isolation, except the Janta curfew lasted for a few hours. Please refer to this for more information on specifics: ]