Coronavirus (193) Yuval Harari: This is the worst epidemic in 'at least 100 years'

23 March, 2020

(with thanks to HIFA volunteer/photographer Hugh Hill)

Extracts below. See the video here:

The bestselling author of "Sapiens", Yuval Noah Harari tells Christiane Amanpour that the coronavirus is the worst global health threat we have faced in at least a century. Source: CNN

'You can't prevent epidemics through isolation. You can only prevent them with information... We need the World Health Organization and solidarity to help countries that are most affected by this crisis. Whether it is by sending them equipment and personnel, and - more than anything else - good information...'

'There are two ways to deal with the pandemic: One way is to give information to people. And if people trust the information they receive, they can change their behaviour. The other way is the totalitarian way... If people don't believe the information they receive, and they don't do it [change behaviour] out of trust, they can be compelled to do it by an omnipresent regime of surveillance. This is the dangerous part. I hope we don't go in that direction.'

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