Coronavirus (197) The approach in Singapore (3) Coronavirus in Zimbabwe

23 March, 2020

I am particularly interested in understanding what Singapore has done to contain the COVID 19 pandemic. In Zimbabwe, we recorded our first case a few days ago and so far two have been recorded to date. Unfortunately, we have recorded the first death as well. The whole country based on the behaviour of the social media is in a state of panic. I therefore, would request that we get adequate and accurate information which will assist our citizens deal with the pandemic.


Dr Pisirai Ndarukwa (National Leader and Co-PI ASOS 2 Trial UCT)


Post-Doctoral Fellow

University of KwaZulu Natal

College of Health Sciences

School of Nursing and Public Health

Durban, SA


HIFA profile: Pisirai Ndarukwa is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of KwaZulu Natal, College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing and Public Health, Durban, South Africa. papandarukwa AT