Coronavirus (208) Lifeology - Expert-reviewed Illustrated primer on coronavirus

25 March, 2020

Hi all, I just joined this forum! I am a science communication researcher and long-time science blogger. I am the co-founder of Lifeology, a platform where scientists can work with artists and storytellers to increase the reach and impact of their work and public engagement efforts. We also have a strong focus on health communications and patient engagement with our platform.

Lifeology just published an illustrated mini-course on COVID-19 written by Shauna Bennett, illustrated by Elfy Chiang in Taiwan, and reviewed by Tara C. Smith, Ian Mackay and other virologists and MDs. The course is published in English and many other languages.

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This course was written to help people with low health and science literacy be more prepared for the COVID-19 epidemic. If you feel so inclined, please share. The course is Creative Commons license with attribution, so feel free to re-use as you see fit. Thanks for helping to combat misinformation on this virus.

If you have any interest in contributing to other Lifeology courses on health and science topics, or creating your own, I'd love to chat with you.




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