Coronavirus (211) COVID-Response: Quick survey on training and upskilling needs for Health Workers

25 March, 2020

(with thanks to Catherine Kane, WHO)

Dear Colleagues,

Through the WHO Academy, the World Health Organization is rapidly upscaling training via a number of digital, easily accessible learning applications. Please help us design and prioritise content and delivery methodologies that support and enable health workers worldwide boost their knowledge and skills related to the COVID-19 outbreak. We ask that you share the survey, available at, with your networks.

Please be assured that this survey is anonymous, your responses will not be associated with your name or email address, and no identifiable information on any individuals will be shared or presented in the survey results.

Kind regards and solidarity,

Catherine Kane

Catherine Kane

Human Resources for Health Policies & Standards

World Health Organization Health Workforce Department

Avenue Appia 20, CH-1211 Geneva 27

+41 22 791 1593