Coronavirus (222) Managing COVID-19 for people with NCDs

26 March, 2020

(with thanks to Tatjana Kobb, China)

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NCD Alliance Newsletter: Managing COVID-19 for people with NCDs, NCDA webinar on health financing, oral health, jobs & more!

Managing COVID-19 for people with NCDs

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, it is becoming clear that people living with NCDs and those who are older than 60 are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill. To support them, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released an information note with technical guidance for patients and carers.

The NCD movement is mobilised to respond to the crisis, which is collapsing health systems in many countries and putting others in a very delicate situation of emergency. The resources below provide the latest information for people living with NCDs and their carers. We will continue to share resources on other chronic conditions. Please note that this information is regularly updated:

COVID-19 and Respiratory Diseases

COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Diseases

COVID-19 and Diabetes

COVID-19 and Cancer

COVID-19 and Dementia

At the NCD Alliance, we are committed to doing everything within our capacity to raise our voices for the rights of people living with NCDs, the elderly and marginalised groups, and to share information, guidance and good practice to protect each other. We invite our network to share relevant resources and tools via our webform.

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