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26 March, 2020

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I believe the public need to know in a simple language that clinical anecdote and 'general observations' are weak evidence and at the bottom of the list, when it comes to making clinical and treatment decisions. In principal, I can overcome all the terrible feelings I had and probably still have when I see politicians and economists tell scientists what is medically correct. (just writing this makes me sick!)

Of course, no one can/should reject rigorous scientific demeaners and have them shared with the scientific community first after a reasonable level of scrutiny before sharing it with the politicians and the public.

People are already celebrating the 'treatment', citing weird half-done 'studies' in unknown journals. This is 'fake science', if I may use the term. The worst misinformation is that that comes from the professionals people have entrusted for their lives.

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Assistant Professor of Bioethics

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HIFA profile: Ghaiath Hussein is a registrar of community medicine and bioethicist by training. His expertise varied from providing assistance for researchers on technical and ethical issues, to editing and developing ethical guidelines and training manuals on research ethics. He has been working in the department of research at the Federal Ministry of Health (Sudan), before being assigned as the Senior Project Officer a MARC (Mapping African Ethics Review Capacity) project managed by COHRED and funded by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). Currently, he is an assistant professor of bioethics in King Saud University for Health Sciences, King Fahad Medical City Faculty of Medicine. He also provides voluntary ethics teaching and cosultation services for some regional and international organizations, especially on public health ethical issues. acsawy AT