Coronavirus (239) Resources from the National Institute of Health, Italy

26 March, 2020

Dear all

I am working at the National Institute of Health, Italy.

We have produced a lot of communications material on COVID 19, and also technical reports for health operators.

Most are in Italian, some are in English. Have a look at

There are nice infographics useful also for social communications in the section "Informazione e Comunicazione", and look also at Rapporti COVID including English summary online

We have activated 19 working groups to tackle the different aspects of the pandemic (one of them is Preparedness, including also the social aspects).

Some material is also available in English in the section Some address foreign people and migrants.

Hope this can help

Best wishes

Paola De Castro

Director, Scientific Communication Unit

National Institute of Health - Italy

Viale Regina Elena, 299

00161 Rome (Italy)

HIFA profile: Paola De Castro is Director of the Publishing Unit at Istituto Superiore di Sanita', Italy. Professional interests: open access publishing, training, information literacy, editing, international cooperation. She is a HIFA Country Representative. paola.decastro AT