Coronavirus (249) Webinar: Clear Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic, April 9, 2020

28 March, 2020

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Clear Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Clear Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date: Thursday, April 9, 2020

Time: 9:00 am Pacific Time

Duration: 1 Hour

Presenters: Stacy Robison & Eskarlethe Juarez

Webinar Description

Join us as we discuss the various ways health literacy may be impacting the response to COVID-19 and share practical tips for communicating clearly during a public health emergency. Also, hear about a COVID-19 resource page dedicated to providing effective communication material all in one location.

Participants who attend this webinar will be able to:

· Describe at least 3 domains of health literacy and their potential impact on public response to COVID-19.

· Identify at least 2 techniques to communicate clearly during a public health emergency.

· Identify at least 1 best practice from the field of risk communication that can be used to improve the clarity of health messages.

Wondering how to explain a complex COVID-19 message in plain language? Send us your tricky terms and questions ahead of time and we'll try to address them during the webinar. Email them to


About the Speakers

Stacy Robison, MPH, MCHES

CommunicateHealth, Inc.

Stacy Robison, MPH, President of CommunicateHealth, Inc. started the business at age 30 in her attic. 11 years later, CommunicateHealth has more than 90 employees and an impressive roster of government and private sector clients. Stacy has been a key player in the field of health literacy for the past decade, focusing on digital health literacy and public health.

Eskarlethe Juarez, CHES

Institute for Healthcare Advancement

Eskarlethe Juarez is a Health Education Associate at the Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA). Currently, she is pursuing her Masters of Public Health degree at the California State University, Northridge. She holds a B.S. degree in Health Science with a concentration in Community Health. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. For Ms. Juarez, improving others' health status is not just an exercise in health science, it is a mission.

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