Coronavirus (270) COVID-19 Evidence Collection from Evidence Aid - update

31 March, 2020

COVID-19 Evidence Collection from Evidence Aid - update

Evidence Aid’s COVID-19 evidence collection ( now contains 52 summaries of systematic reviews relevant to COVID-19. Many of these have been translated into: Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We are uploading new content daily. The summaries currently fall under the headings of ‘Clinical characterization and management’, ‘Health systems and services’, ‘Infection prevention and control (including healthcare workers)’ and ‘Public health interventions’. We are currently developing a more refined category list which will ensure easier identification of reviews you want to read.

Many thanks, Claire

Claire Allen

Operations Manager

Evidence Aid: Championing evidence-based humanitarian action.

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HIFA profile: Claire Allen is Operations Manager at Evidence Aid, UK. Professional interests: Evidence Aid ( provides evidence for people in disaster preparedness and response to make better decisions. Areas of interest = humanitarian crises, natural disasters and major healthcare emergencies (disaster = when a country is unable to cope with the disaster/crisis or emergency). She is a member of the HIFA Working Group on Access to Health Research. Email: callen AT