Coronavirus (304) Stop COVID-19 Infographics

2 April, 2020

I am incredibly proud to share that we (SRHIN) have produced the #stopcovid19 Infographics in over 55 local languages (esp from Africa) to ensure that people have the right health information about preventing #covid19.

It is sad that some people especially in the local communities & slums in Africa still believe that COVID-19 or "Coro Coro" like it's popularly called is a 'foreign' or a 'rich' persons disease that cannot affect them. There have been reported cases of Chloroquine abuse among young people & even some African parents were reported to give their children hand sanitiser to drink after coughing to 'prevent' them from having the novel coronavirus.

Hence, it is important that evidence-based messages (from World Health Organization & other reliable sources) are tailor-made in their local languages to reach and empower them.

With our over 55 infographics designs we can empower so many communities in Africa and beyond & give them hope that we will beat the novel coronavirus.

Here's how you can support us to #StopCovid-19:

1. Get the picture for your local language (Link at )

2. Spread the word!

We appreciate our Graphics designers, translators and volunteers for their amazing work in getting this done! Thank you.


HIFA profile: Miracle Adesina is Technical Officer and Deputy Director Collaboration and Research at Slum and Rural Health Initiative, Director, Fundraising and Communication at Mental and Oral Health Development Organization, Writer at Universal Care for Africa Foundation and Researcher at Cephas Health Research Initiative Inc. Professional interests: Global health, public health of low and middle income countries, mental health, migrant health, health innovation, disability issues, noncommunicable diseases, physical therapy. Email address: miracleadesina5 AT gmail.comÂ