Coronavirus (306) Combatting coronavirus misinformation - InciSioN and Students4COVID

2 April, 2020

Dear Colleagues;

I hope wherever you are, this email finds you well and safe. Regarding the issue of mis-information and COVID19, InciSioN has also been receiving requests for support from its network and collaborators. We are teaming up with Students4COVID. Which is a multidisciplinary student and healthcare provider group that is focused on connecting grassroots initiatives by youth, fighting misinformation, and connecting hospitals, to suppliers and donors, and providing wellness support to healthcare providers during this pandemic. You can visit to view this site and follow them on social media platforms (@students4COVID, on Twitter/ Instagram, Facebook: )

With regards to fighting misinformation, in addition to the pages dedicated to this on the website with direct links to WHO, and CDC. We have questions and answers in video forms and provide links to screened materials. Additionally we are working on a widely translated set of public education infographics/cartoons that will be released and shared soon. The contents are evidence based where possible and reviewed by faculty where not. I wanted to share these efforts with you, we appreciate and welcome comments, ideas, and your support .

Thank you so much,


Xiya Ma, MSc & Katayoun S. Madani, MD, MS


InciSioN - International Student Surgical Network

HIFA profile: Dominique Vervoort is Chair of InciSioN - International Student Surgical Network. He is based in Leuven, Belgium, and is a Global Surgery Fellow '18-'19 at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. Email: vervoortdominique AT