Coronavirus (319) COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa (2)

2 April, 2020

Dear all

Agreed [in response to Andreas Wiegand: ]

Due to the high number of people who live below one dollar per day in this part of the world, is difficult to determine who doesnt need the palliatives. The experience here in our environment is for the distribution process of that relief materials. Crowded people assembled to collect it. Another source of spread.

When you instruct people to stay at home it will reach them, they do not believe. They may think it will finish before arriving to their doors.


HIFA profile: Shehu U Muhammad is the Field Specialist, Nigeria, for the 1 Million Community Health Workers Campaign. Shehu started career as a Public Health Superintendent as per back as 1985, worked as sanitation and Immunization Officer of Mani Local Government, as a Public Health Instructor and rose to the rank of Chief Lecturer and CEO of Shehu Idris College of Health Science and Technology for 8 years. Holds Masters in Management, Masters in Public Health and a PhD student on HRH. Chairs many committees on Maternal Health Advocacy at state and National level. Currently also teaches Population and Development and Leadership and Reproductive Health. Advocate of using mobile technology in generating data and conveying health awareness messages to the hard to reach areas. shehumakarfi2001 AT