Coronavirus (323) Urgently Needed Mental and Psychological Support (6) Covid-19 Resilience Toolkit

2 April, 2020

Dear Neil,

I wish to send message to Dr Dey.

As a GP, providing self-care education to people in their communities, I receive a lot of calls similar to the one Dr Dey did. That is why since 2 weeks I am busy addressing this issue at a community level. The toolkit I have developed helps individuals in their work/households to go back to their basic needs and grow resilient through this crisis, with 10 easily implementable steps.

French version coming soon

I would appreciate if this message could be transmitted to Dr Dey or others in similar need. I think that could help as it helped others.

Many thanks,

Take care, stay safe


HIFA profile: Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry is a medical doctor, NCDs Management Consultant & Patients Health Advisor, Patients-Communities Health Empowerment & Capacity Building, Switzerland / Egypt. anbreen.slama.chaudhry AT