Coronavirus (529) Addressing self harming behaviors during COVID19

30 April, 2020

Dear HIFA Members,

There has been a dramatic rise in self-harm, suicidal behaviors, and mental health triggers, globally. The Movement for Global Mental Health is organizing a webinar with Prof. David Mosse, that will be useful in in addressing some of these thoughts.

Join us! 3rd May, Sunday at 10am BST\ 2:30pm IST.

Kindly register Here

Warm regards,

*Anjali Singla *

*Principal Coordinator: Movement for Global Mental Health*


*Secretariat based at: The Banyan Academy, Chennai, India *

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HIFA profile: Charlene Sunkel is Programme Manager for Advocacy & Development at the SA Federation for Mental Health, South Africa. Charlene is also Principal Coordinator for the Movement for Global Mental Health, Board Member of the Human Rights in Mental Health FGIP, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Lancet, Psychiatry.