Coronavirus (531) Managing Covid-19 patients

1 May, 2020

Dears at Hifa,

Every day, Wolters Kluwer Clinical Effectiveness solutions sets the global standard for measurably improving clinical effectiveness by providing healthcare professionals the best information for making critical decisions.

This requires that we deliver not just evidence-based insight, but that when the evidence is unclear or changing quickly, we provide reliable, trusted answers to the pressing questions for those on the front lines of care.

With COVID-19, this is more important than ever. Our foundation– diligence in our editorial process, input from foremost experts and the trust of the medical community– has been honed over 25 years and has shone bright over the last few months.

To get the latest information about the drugs, lab tests, that are related to Covid-19 at no charge please check below Links from our Drug referential database Lexicomp

- Lexi Drug Monographs (

- Lexi-Tox Monographs (

- Lexi Lab Tests (

- Lexi Pharmacogenomics (

- Patient education: Preventing the Spread of an Infectious Disease (

- Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Discharge Instructions (pdf)( - this content is available in the following languages:

Arabic (

Chinese Simplified (

Chinese (

Creole (

French (

German (

Greek (

Italian (

Japanese (

Korean (

Polish (

Portuguese (

Punjabi (

Russian (

Spanish (

Tagalog (

Turkish (

Vietnamese (

In addition, here are the links to the latest updates about Covid-19 in UpToDate in some critical areas:

- Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Infection control in health care and home settings <

- Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Critical care issues <

- Coronavirus disease 2019 < Pregnancy issues​<

- Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Considerations in children <

- Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Cancer care during the pandemic <

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