Coronavirus (542) Covenant - Quarantine Management System - request for translators

4 May, 2020

Covenant is an open-source quarantine management system for COVID-19.

It is made of two parts:

- A mobile application for patients or their contacts placed under home quarantine or home isolation by public health/health care professionals or those who decide by themselves to stay at home and monitor their health.

- A web-based dashboard for public health professionals to monitor the location and health of patients and their contacts who are placed under quarantine.

We are in the final phases of the development of version 1 and need help with translation in some of the international languages so the app can also be useful in other countries.

Help us translate. Join -

and our translators WhatsApp group at -

If any healthcare facility or local government is interested in the concept or deployment of the open-source project then kindly reply to this email or contact at the email -

Avinash Kumar

Independent Researcher

HIFA profile: Avinash Kumar Gupta is a student at the Universal College of Medical Sciences in Nepal. Professional interests: Open CMEs for patients, traditional language CMEs for patient, User Driven Healthcare, Healthcare tech. avi33tbtt AT