Coronavirus (560) Gender and COVID-19 public library on Mendeley

6 May, 2020

Please note, this new resource is now available. Best regards, Ylann Schemm, Director of the Elsevier Foundation

Gender and COVID-19 Group on Mendeley

A collection of research, studies and other references covering the sex and gender dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The library is a public group, free for anyone in the world to join, access and add. References - articles, preprints, news articles, blog posts, magazine articles, reports, etc- incluude those compiled by Dr. Rosemary Morgan at Johns Hopkins University and colleagues from the Gender and COVID-19 Working Group[, as well as those from other compilations and sources. The library on the Mendeley platform includes >500 references related to Gender and COVID-19, as well as gender and other infectious disease/epidemics, such that you can locate and find resources, include direct citations and references within your work, and add additional references & folders directly to the group. We invite the community to continue posting new references as they’re published/become available even if also being added to an existing compilation elsewhere.

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