Coronavirus (566) Promoting health equity, gender and ethnic equality, and human rights in COVID-19 responses

7 May, 2020

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PAHO/WHO Equity, Health and Human Development - Lista Equidad

Promoting health equity, gender and ethnic equality, and human rights in COVID­19 responses: Key considerations = Promoción de la equidad en la salud, la igualdad étnica y de género, y los derechos humanos en la respuesta a la COVID-19: consideraciones clave

Author: Pan American Health Organization

Published online: 4 May 2020


Rationale: The COVID-19 pandemic affects diverse groups of women and men differently. The risks and consequences are disproportionately felt by certain groups, especially those living in situations of vulnerability and those who experience discrimination. It is vital that country responses to COVID-19 consider equity, gender, ethnicity, and human rights perspectives to: - prevent the expansion of inequalities; - account for the everyday lived realities of different groups that may affect the success of measures. Objectives: - To function as a “first port of call” for national health policy makers to support their efforts to integrate and enhance equity, gender, ethnicity and human rights considerations and approaches into measures responding to COVID-19; - To complement PAHO’s technical documents on COVID-19, and provide links to sources of related information and guidelines.



Pan American Health Organization, Regional Office of the World Health Organization for the Americas -

Department of Evidence and Intelligence for Action in Health (EIH)

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