Coronavirus (568) Hand hygiene where there is no running tap water (2)

7 May, 2020

A question was asked on HIFA on or before 13 April under the heading: “Coronavirus - Hand hygiene where there is no running tap water”. [*see note below] I copied the question to the SuSanA Discussion Forum and collected some answers there. So if anyone is wondering about this question, please read here this discussion thread:

One side topic was raised which is washing hands with ash instead of water but it has pros and cons which are discussed here:



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HIFA profile: Elisabeth von Muench is a freelance consultant working on sustainable sanitation and knowledge management issues. Elisabeth is the community moderator of the SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) discussion forum ( and an active Wikipedian (leading WikiProject Sanitation). She has a PhD in process engineering (wastewater treatment processes) and is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Her focus is on SDG 6 and increasing political will to improve access to sanitation. E-mail: elisabeth.muench AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thank you Elisabeth, this is a great example of collaboration between our communities of practice. Here is the original message from Sandeep Saluja, India: All: I encourage you to join SuSanA: it is one of the two best global-health-related CoPs! :-) ]